RFID Anti-Wandering System Updated

The Latest Version of Anti-Wandering System 


Why use AWS? 

The lost cases of children / the elderly happen everyday. According to the survey, the lost rate of the elderly are around 20% especially for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  Although, most of the elders are found for a short time after losing, the incident will always frighten the elderly and bring so much pressure to the family. Therefore, anti-wandering system will effectively help reduce the lost cases and family pressures.

Functions of Anti-Wandering System

・More than 90% identify elderly

・Alert reminds guardian and no false alarm generated

・Safe-guarding from specific area

・Real-time supervise specific area 

・No extra are needed to be wore 

・Camera is installed behind specific area,it can record elderly wandering direction

・Support off-line work mode


・RFID Reader

・RFID Tags

・Software Application