Google partners with Walmart for voice-activated shopping


Google and Wal-Mart - the two well-known US successful business partners to launch voice-activated shopping services, consumers can buy thousands types of products from Wal-Mart through the use of Google Assistant (available on Android phones, iPhone and Google Home) by using smartphone and Google Home. This new service will be launched in late September 2017.

Google Home is not a new product, but it is kept adding its new function. Wal-Mart is integrating its shopping software with Google Express which is Google’s same day delivery service. And this cooperation brought about by the IoT function is that this service will be based on consumer spending in the past to provide consumers with shopping advice. Retailers want Wal-Mart's customers to keep their shopping lists on Google Express to supplement their products on a regular basis without having to go to the store.

Google is heavily invested in the goal of voice control for its connected devices. Just last week the company announced voice calling for Google Home. Right now the device can make outgoing calls (except to 911) but cannot receive calls.