Helping Dubai Taxi be Smart


If Hong Kong wants to become a smart city, traffic is a necessary part of the study. In Dubai, the government will test to install smart meters on more than 3,000 taxis by the end of this year, they believed that the system will improve safety and speed during the journey.

The main function of the system is to link to the Dubai Geographic Addressing system. Drivers and passengers can accurately locate the destination by entering the identification code, and each building will be assigned an identification code.

Smart Meters Other features:

1. Whenever the taxi enters and exits a gate, the system will automatically add the toll tariff on the taxi bills.

2. Smart Meter will help the driver to show "out of service", so that the driver can take a 90 minutes break per shift.

3. Every 45 minutes before the shift end, the system will automatically display the "end of shift", drivers will not pick up new customers to facilitate the handing over of vehicles.

4. The system will connect the sensors, when the passengers get in the taxi, the meter will automatically switch on.

5. The system will also be linked to the payment system to facilitate the charges.

6. The system can monitor the driving speed.