Home Security

Many people will jingle a "must live in a big house developed!" However, the larger the home, the more problems to face, especially in home security, the earlier a large number of celebrities mansion house became the target of burglary, millions of dollars in lost meter. Providing luxury estate property management, yet spared in burglary doom, seemingly access most of the forest or feeling detached houses are likely to be free of the trick, you want to minimize the risk of property damage as well as psychologically disturbed sense, in addition to home security has cognitive knowledge, but with the stability and security by security systems, after a temporary solution to rid this method.

Home security systems are mostly customized, cost depends on the type of equipment. General home security system, a set of about million yuan, including several models devices: magnetic sensors, glass break sensors, emergency button, keyboard password, a main chassis and a burglar alarm.

For CCTV security system is very important, and thieves are not much different experience with the filming. Senior Systems Consultant Michael into sharing an experience, to explain exactly how a security system to help people. Incident occurred in the Nanshan Village, Sai Kung, the system installed at home as customers clearly see the culprits look like the image to the police after a successful catch the culprits.

Reporter: Wu Zhihui Photography: Huang Weijie