Awards - RFID Awards

SecurePro Technology Security System Limited - G-Formula Solution, participated in HK RFID Awards 2011 program and the judging panel was awarded with the Certificate of Merit:
The official award presentation ceremony of the Hong Kong RFID Awards 2011 was conducted on 11 November 2011 at GS1 Hong Kong Annual Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit 2011 to be held at JW Marriott Hotel.


The representative: Mr. John Wong of SecurePro obtain award from GS1


 The Photo with Commissioner for Innovation and Technology HKSAR Miss Janet Wong, JP, CEO of GS1 Ms. Anna Lin and All Winners

G-Formula System for Motor Retailer
SecurePro Group provides customized, RFID Solution and professional consultancy services to organizations in the Greater China region and around the world.
The company identified and opportunity to develop and RFID solution designed especially for car retailers that would increase supply chain management efficiency by automating supply chain processes, reducing inventory levels, generating Human resource savings and enhancing sales support services.

The SecurePro G-Formula System that the company installs active RFID tags on windshields to track the vehicles. RFID Readers and antennas were installed at all access points, and in the parking areas and word bays of warehouses and service centers. A central server was deployed to monitor car vehicle movements, supported by close-circuit cameras and a vehicle license plate recognition system.

After implementing the G-Formula System, storage planning efficiency increased from 50% to 95%, while the manual labor required to check inventory and locate cars was reduced from 8 hours per day to 30 minutes, and the accuracy of the check-in and check-out process rose to 95%. In addition, with the patented Video Real Time Image Chasing System (RTICS) technology, security on premises was enhanced considerably.
Together with the RFID tracking system, unauthorized access to vehicles was eliminated. Ultimately, the RFID-based security system helped the car retailers build up greater trust with customers.