RFID Retail Application

From Wal-Mart, Metro and other major upermarkets to promote first-hand the application of RFID can bring to the retail industry, including lower labor costs, improve visibility of goods to reduce the shortage of goods due to the losses caused by the phenomenon of reducing the theft of goods, etc. benefits.

The process can be used in the sale of goods in real-time statistical data, replenishment, anti-theft and so on.


In responding to the ReTAAS (Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme) announced by the Hong Kong Government, SecurePro has gathered its retail solutions which are shown below :

Solution Type

1. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
2. POS
3. Advanced AR POS
4. Warehouse Management System
5. RFID Application
6. People Counting System

1. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Smart EAS offers a wide range of anti-shoplifting systems and accessories to help reduce shoplifting losses in retail stores.
It provides a secure environment so that the staff can focus on their duties.
Smart EAS allows users to extend the system function by using different tags or accessories.
Hence, security enhancement, real time stock level, branches performance and so on can be achieved at in one shot.

2. POS
The very important tool to manage transactions and stock data.
Instant check out is enabled which boosts daily turnover.
With automatic captured records, effort for data collection, mining and analyzing will be sharply reduced.
Those records are valuable for daily operation as well as trend prediction.

3. Advanced AR POS
A creative POS that enhances customer experience and satisfaction because interaction between shoppers and retailers is induced.
Shoppers can access to latest product promotions and store updates through mobile apps. Digital Price Tags with augmented reality arouse shoppers' interest and encourage purchase.

4. Warehouse Management System
Fully utilize the database and automate operation procedures. It speeds up work flow and reduce human effort for stock registration, goods positioning, logistic management, purchasing and so on.
It also provides crucial information for retail shop and warehouse coordination.

5. RFID Application Network
From warehouse management, to logistic monitoring, retail shop security to product authentication, it acts as a core lining up different applications to form a total solution.
RFID system allows identical products having unique identity. It can provide real time data for efficient and effective decision.
This network bonds different functional units of a business tightly and effectively amplifies the synergy.

6. People Counting System
Understanding customer traffic flows and verifying the numbers. The system plays a key part in the management of a successful retail business.
It allows effective sales forces and resources allocation of retailers when comparing store performance and turnover.
The information is crucial for sales strategy planning and point of sales marketing.