Home Safety

Burglary caused the loss
Money: Every year, the loss due to burglary of property, about 400 million Hong Kong dollars.

Psychological aspects:
household may be undermined, but rather a commemorative value or beloved object will be stolen or destroyed.

Inconvenience :
Due to the damage caused by burglary to spend a lot of time, money and spirit to make up for ?

Simple security measures

Portal :
The door shall be fitted with at least one high-quality anti-theft locks. Locks should be a reputable dealer to buy?
To enhance security, install high-quality anti-theft refining or door button, wide-angle door viewer is also indispensable.
Do not use hollow wooden doors.

Portal Security Code :
Seeing clearly from the anti-theft visitors are.
Wear anti-theft door required before refining.
To identify a visitor.
Unless it has been determined safe or not to casually open the door.
If in doubt, do not allow visitors into the house.

Windows :
Fitted with quality and fit window locks.
Bear in mind that the culprit could be the first to break the glass, and then the windows open, but if installed window locks, the culprits have been in vain.
If you like the window open, it should install window grilles or bars.
Window grilles or bars embedded in the wall to be tight.

Terrace :
Ensure that the balcony door can not be opened from the outside.
Suitable for door locks spacious terrace, available on the market, but also easy to install.

Personal belongings :
Ideal for valuables or large amounts of cash should not be stored at home. If it is necessary, use high-quality safes Storage of such property.
Consider using a permanent etching, only visible under ultraviolet light appears invisible ink or other existing method for valuable items engraved tag. To use their Hong Kong identity card number, identify their own belongings.
A note of important information valuables, if possible, to retain the original receipt. Items taken from different angles photos. If item is small and can be placed next to the ratio between the ruler to display.
In case of theft, the above-mentioned information does not only help the police locate your property, but also to facilitate your insurance claims in future. 
The completed record forms, receipts and photos in a safe place, preferably outside the home stored in the second locations.