Education Solution


What are needed in today’s school environment:

1) Safe and secure environment safeguarding students, staff and asset.

2) Speedy data transmission infrastructure for students and staff for their learning & working.

3 ) Efficient and automated solution reducing staff and teacher workload while enhancing overall operation efficiency and information accuracy.

4 ) Innovative solution to enhance school image & attracting more students to study in the school

SecurePro has devoted herself in providing economical while quality solutions to the education sector to improve their operation efficiency and provide total security to their students, staff and assets.

Serving over a hundred education institutes, SecurePro has gained profound understanding on your technology needs.

Winning 7 awards in 4 year, you can be sure that SecurePro will provide you with the best freed of technologies.

No matter what you have in need, please feel free to contact our Education Technology Specialist to discusses our offer to your institution.

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for further information about our Education solutions,

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Product and service include :

Campus security system, Campus Wifi infrastructure construction, Server room design, I.T. Hardware;
RFID assets management, RFID library system, RFID*CCTV patented solution;
Classroom automation, Laboratory Automation system etc.