To have a more safe and comfortable environment.


Solution Objective

  • To reduce energy consumption of all premises including indoor and outdoor areas To 90% of the electricity
  • To provide centralized platform for environment monitoring 
  • To enhance real time access of different environmental parameters 
  • To collect data for better environment control and management

Solution Functions

  • Connecting motion detection and electricity supply to perform energy saving Saving up to 90% of electricity through automation 
  • Allowing more effective appliance control in houses and buildings 
  • Enabling timing control of electricity supply 
  • Creating useful scenes with various combinations 
  • Providing remote control of system and also 
  • Enabling intelligence communication among appliances 

Solution Features

  • Facilitate energy saving 
  • Enhance environmental parameter capturing 
  • Provide instant notification 
  • Provide unified monitoring and managing platform 
  • Featured wireless communication 
  • Reduce management efforts 
  • Include logical system allowing both manual and automatic setting
  • Enable remote and real-time environment control 
  • Support both IOS and Android platforms 
  • Be user friendly of which NO cabling or electrical conduit required