SP Infinite Technology Limited (SPIT)

Software is important for a I.T. system. Consider hardware as tangible tools of a system, software would be the soul which allows the system to perform different characteristics. SPIT provides varies software that make the system alive and best fit for different purposes.

Asset Management System (AMS)

A customized management system that allow the control of assets become easy and effective.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With a all-rounded WMS, the type, storage level, location and expiry date of stocks are no longer a headache for you.

GPS Fleet Management System

The GPS Fleet Management System allows you to trace and track the vehicles and have a total control of the situation.

Document Security System

Internal I.T. security has aroused more concern in recent years. A secure Document management system help greatly reduce the leak of important and confidential information.
It is especially useful for education, intelligence property, law and government sectors etc. 

Human Resources Management (HRM) System

We offer several user friendly HR systems to cope with different client requirements.
You can choose between Standardised/ Comprehensive/ Customised or Self-maintain system based on your company practises.