Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems
protect property, personnel and assets and through connection to 24 hour Central Monitoring Station, we can provide police assistance in an ALARM situation. With the help of Audio Verification Systems , you can "listen in" on your premises to verify the situation and real ALARM status before telephoning the police for assistance.

Burglar Alarm Control Unit operates the entire system and is usually hidden in a selected location with an AC outlet facility. The control unit also contains a back up rechargeable battery and a transmitter for telephone connection to our Central Monitoring Station in the event of an alarm situation.

Keypad turns on and off the ALARM SYSTEM. For ease of operation, the keypad is usually located at your main door with optional additional keypads at your master bedroom or maids room.

Voice Assisted Telephone Control turns any touch tone phone into a fully functional keypad. Whether used to serve as a system keypad in the premises or to keep in touch from the other side of the world, which offers the easiest way to control and communicate with your SECURITY SYSTEM

Magnetic Contacts are installed for the protection of doors and windows to counteract intrusion. In an alarm condition, the opening of protected doors and windows will activate the ALARM SYSTEM.

Smoke Detectors provide early detection of fire to prevent potential loss of life and damage to property in case of FIRE ALARM.

Infrared Beams protect 'open space' such as rooms, hallways and perimeter grounds. When an intruder enters the infrared beam detection range, the ALARM SYSTEM will activate.

Emergency Buttons are usually located at the your main door, living room, master bedroom and maids room. When pressed, the emergency button will send a signal to our Central Monitoring Station for police assistance. Emergency buttons can still operate even though your ALARM SYSTEM is not in operational mode.

Audio Verification Systems Justification

- 95% false alarm

- Need for alarm confirmation

- Audio verification system -> beneficial


- warn any would be thieves that the premises are alarmed.

- We believe it is sufficient motivation for them to look elsewhere.

Areas of Product Usage

- Residences

- Apartments

- Commercial Premises