CCTV Surveillance in New Century

CCTV Surveillance Challenges Encountering by Most Clients :
Blur image and poor streaming
Very hard to operate in low lux/ darkness area
Numerous cameras are required for areas, like, corridors and area with multi light sources
Time consuming and costly on image searching after incident
Large video size incurs higher cost for video storage
Hard to integrate different CCTV system of different brands
Single and boring usage of the system

Our Solution Breakthrough to Solve:
Outstanding Image Quality » HD IP Camera
Advance Recover of Image Color in darkness » 1080P StarTech
Supreme Wide-angle coverage » Point by Point pixel handling
Excellent Light Source Balancing » 1080P Light Regulation
Smart Searching » Post incident criteria searching
Patented Image Storage Technology (Less 40% capacity), City Surveillance Level solution to facilitate Storage, Bandwidth Control and Central Management
High Integration Abilities
1s Play back and Instant Incident Notification Highly flexible in adapting creative applications, i.e. e-Learning and Campus TV


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