Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Magnetic Sensor System
We offer a wide range of anti-shoplifting systems and accessories to help reduce shoplifting losses in retail stores. Our products have proven the most versatile and reliable Electronic Article Surveillance equipment in the market today.


EAS_Wine EAS_Wine2EAS_Wine3EAS_Tag

EAS_Milk_Powder2 EAS_Cloth_Tag EAS_Shoes_Tag

Safety & Security Mirrors


Our newest product line Safety & Security Mirrors are designed to reduce shoplifting losses in retail stores and in the work place. We also offer Roundtangular, Circular, Flat Mirrors, Swivel Mount, Flush Mount, Mirror & Smoked Domes, Forklift Mirrors & Inspection Mirrors.

Wireless Automatic ID
Automatic Identification products from AXCESS offer network-based resource management tools designed to leverage the enterprise LAN to identify, locate and track your mission-critical people and assets right from the desktop. From protecting office computers to monitoring personnel and inventory movements, these products now bring total visibility to your business operations.

Based on its patented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) line, ActiveTag, AXCESS provides a single-system approach to a variety of automatic monitoring and tracking applications.


  • Asset Management
  • Personnel & Vehicle Access Control
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Production and Process Control
  • Inventory Tracking

Counterfeit Money Detectors
We offer money testers and document verifiers. Products range from desktop analyzers to UV lamps and security pens. We have the product to fit your application.