Human Counting System


Understanding customer traffic flows – and verifying the numbers – plays a key part in the management of a successful retail business. It allows the retailer to plan the correct staffing levels and, when comparing to sales data, monitor the conversion performance of each store.

This information is crucial for consumer orientated organisations in many industries, including leisure, transport and hospitality. SecurePro infrared people counters, powered by the company’s sensor technology, are at the heart of customer flow intelligence systems installed in many thousands of supermarkets, shopping malls, transport hubs, theatres and museums around the world.

Non intrusive and unaffected by the heat and lighting conditions which can destabilise other technologies, SecurePro people counters accurately detect people by their body heat profile.

SecurePro thermal array based people counter family applicable to a wide variety of counting applications:

1. Retail, Shopping Malls & Shops;
2. Leisure, Hotels & Casinos;
3. Transportation;
4. Smart Buildings;
5. Museum & Gallery.

The key benefits include:
1. Minimal setup;
2. User-Definable Count Lines;
3. Bus Connectivity up to 30 units.

SecurePro thermal array based people counter family is a people counting device with the imaging optics, sensor, signal processing and interfacing electronics all contained within a moulded plastic housing. The unit is used in a downward looking manner, with an unhindered view of the target area. The unit functions optically, seeing the heat emitted by people passing underneath as infrared radiation. The sensing area is a square on the floor whose width is approximately equal to the mounting height; at 3.5m the unit ‘sees’ a 3.25x3.25m square on the floor. Mounting heights ranging from 2.5 to 4.5m can be covered with the standard lens (60°), and a 40° field of view lens, offering increased mounting heights, is available as a factory fitted option, up to 7m high. The units may be used as single counters, linked into networks of up to 30 individual units or configured to span a wide opening. In the wide opening mode up to 8 units are linked to span the wide opening and will appear to the user as a single counter unit with a wide ‘footprint’.