Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector

  • Walk Through Metal Detector of superior ability can detect all kinds of metal objects whether the objects are of magnetic substance or of nonmagnetic substance regardless of the size of the objects.
  • Since JI-8899 metal detection system adopts the CPU detection mechanism using electronic signal pulse, its performance is superior.
  • This system is additionally equipped with an interference-proof circuit that is preventive of mutual interference between the systems during operation when the systems are closely installed, so the systems of this model may be installed close to others.


Metal_Detector_JI-12000 Metal_Detector_JI-15000

Hand Held Metal Detector

  • Hand Held Metal Detector designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas like schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sporting events, businesses, night clubs and other public areas and events.
  • Just press a switch on the Metal Detectors and immediately start scanning for concealed weapons
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors are motion detectors those are extremely sensitive to all metals. An audio tone and an bright LED alert the operator to the presence of a hidden metallic object
  • Just 9-volt battery powers those Metal Detectors, and a low battery warning lets you know when to change the battery
  • A headphone jack allows for private screening of signal response
  • No tools are required to change battery
  • High impact ABS injection molded plastic structure
  • Green lamp keeps on lighting during switch on
  • All models are CE complied


Under Vehicle Search Mirror

  • The Under Vehicle Search Mirror is designed to detect the hazardous object hidden under the vehicle by inspecting the every nook and corner of the lower part in the narrow space through the mirror of the equipment