Patrol Management System

Inductive Electronic Patrol System

In today's business community, with all walks of life & activities, law and order are indispensable to maintain it normally. Therefore, the vast majority of people will recruit security guards, so that they are engaged in maintaining law and order work.

In fact rely on the security guards to maintain order is not enough, so in order to better complete the security work, security equipment was came into being. Security equipment is divided into several major categories, such as security guards with batons, speakers, radio intercom rods, irritant spray, handcuffs, etc., and now the technology is no exception for the security industry to provide better protection. Electronic monitoring equipment, access control systems, alarm systems, and so is a vivid example. Electronic Patrol System has become the solution to the security staff and the development of a routine patrol.

Is nothing more than the traditional patrol method specified by a security captain out of first place in need of patrols in these locations for security guards in place to report equipment. For example, using pen and paper and other physical records for security guards to report time. Re-formulated according to patrol the location of patrol routes. Finally, according to the above-mentioned locations back to beat the record, see whether the security guards patrol the site under the patrol is in accordance with time-bound to patrol, discovered in the course if there is anything unusual so-forth. In this way responsible for this view records will increase the work burden and because of the use of the transcript of the recording, the manpower situation would be much cheating there. For example, an impostor signature report, not in accordance with the designated patrol route patrols, after a time, then returned to the retroactive so. Thus to cause a security patrol work is not accurate and not true, much waste of human and material resources.

The use of electronic records system will patrol the drawbacks of traditional patrol system to eliminate them one by one, an SecurePro Technology Electronic Patrol System has proposed a complete system solution. In response to these traditional Patrol System.


"SecurePro Inductive Patrol System" features:

  • No matter what the time and place, weather conditions, use the "SecurePro Inductive Patrol Wand" and the patrol point of the proximity card technology, RFID can be through a wireless radio frequency communication, no contact.
  • "SecurePro Inductive Patrol Points" can be hidden easily, used securely. Patrol points like traditional records of information on the patrol unit easily by non-contact security personnel, and easily be intentionally or unintentionally destroyed. The use of " SecurePro Inductive Patrol System" Patrol point devices, proximity card without external power supply, can be buried in highly hidden location, such as walls. We just let people with ulterior motives do not know the location of patrol.
  • "SecurePro Inductive Patrol Wand" is small and light. It use rechargeable lithium-ion battery to minimize the extra cost of buying batteries with automatic power-saving mode and within 3 months without changing batteries.
  • Patrol stick with a large capacity of FLASH memory, without electricity to support data records and it can keep the data for 10 years after losing of battery. It can support a thousand of patrol points and with patrol recording capacity of more than 20,000 articles.
  • Patrol wand sensing distance of up to 10 centimeters.
  • To provide real-time record of inquiries, to provide secret protection, safe and reliable.
  • Easy to use graphical software interface, similar to the WINDOWS operating system and easier for beginners to get started contact.
  • Facilitate the development of patrol routes. Just according to its own patrol site assembly can be requested.
  • The wisdom of developing patrol planning function. Patrol plans to develop the most troublesome job is scheduling. "SecurePro Patrol System Management Software" can follow any cycle, the designated date and patrol personnel scheduling methods.
  • Very convenient Patrol data recording & statistical functions. Whether the original patrol records, or patrol a result, patrol, or leakage of information, patrol plans, etc. may be reflected in a variety of reports, and you can use the print function to easily output.
  • Software and provide password protection, data backup protection.