Magnificent is the most secure doors and window in the world and designed and made in Great Britain

Magnificent is a London based, dedicated team who take pride in designing and creating the best security products on the market. With over fourteen years experience in manufacturing security doors, windows and other entry systems, we use the best quality materials and the latest technology.

All the products from Magnificent are rigorously tested and are certified to prove they have been evaluated to meet the highest standards. This testing ensures that they’re burglar-proof, watertight, soundproof and resistant to fire, smoke and wind. As a result of this continued testing, they’ve created products that are strong, light and do not compromise on security.

Different security levels are available depending on your needs, including bullet proof and explosion resistant. It’s also possible to install any mechanical or motorized lock that exists in the world, as long as it reaches our stringent security requirements.

Magnificent doors can be made to any style or finish, it can be even replicated an original. Several patented security features have been implemented into our steel structures which make them impenetrable and on one will be any the wiser it is a security door or window.


- Offer a simply staggering choice of designs and colours, not every door is the same.

- All the security doors are effective in preventing break-ins or burglaries and are certified security products.

- Build completely customized designs to your exact specifications

- Supply an extensive range of door handles, letter boxed and other features in polished or matt brass, steel or chrome.

Attempting to break-in and break the products

Security door have carried out hundreds of experiments over the years to find the best structure, materials and design for the security doors.

Hours of painstaking research has resulted in the products, ensuring that clients get a highly reliable, dependable and durable product that will give years of service.

The door was built in excellent burglary resistance, thermal insulation, fire proofing, sound proofing, smoke resistance, rain and wind resistance, strength and durability, even bullet resistance.


Secret Door Chain

A “Secret Door Chain” is a security device unique to Magnificent. It enables the user to open the main door to take in mall or vet any visitor without risking an unwanted forced entry.

“Secret door chain” specifications:

- Withholds the load up to 530 kg (tested in VGTU laboratory, Lithuanla)

- Invisible and inaccessible from the outside, therefore Impossible to cut with any tools in attempt to break in through the opened door.

- Fixed in two points – top and bottom of the door frame (on the side of hinges).

- It provides double strength.

- Can be locked or unlocked only when the door is completely shut.

- Does not impact on the outlook



- Certification of Bullet resistance

- Certification of Burglar resistance

- Certification of Fire resistance

- Certification of Durability: EN1191

- Certification of Thermal Transmission

- Certification of sound insulation

- Certification of Water & wind resistance