ESG – One of the largest and most technologically advanced ranges of processed glass in the world

- Architectural Glass

- Secure & Ballistic Glass

- Fire Resistant Glass

- Switchable Glass


ESG can combine ESG Pyrotech­TM fire resistant safety and ESG SwitchableTM LCD Privacy Glass system solution with the ESG secure range to provide unparalleled security with fire resistance and privacy solution in a single product.

In addition, ESG can provide added features such as sound attenuation or even decorative effects for corporate branding. ESG can also add a switchable LCD interlayer, ESG PolyvisionTM which allows the panel to change from opaque to optically clear in an instant. Although this is commonly regarded as an aesthetic property, it also offer added security by masking vulnerable areas such as bank counters and jewellery stores by depriving the potential assailant of an view of the intended target.

Benefits of ESG

- Indistinguishable from monolithic glass of the same thickness

- Breaks safety with broken pieces of glass remaining bonded to the interlayer, reducing risk of injury to those nearby

- Excellent resistant to penetration by accidental or other forced means

- Improved level of noise reduction

- Provides increased protection from damaging UV light

Safety first with ESG PyrotechTM Safe

ESG PyrotechTM Safe is a laminated fire resistant Safety glass using our tried and tested ESG PyrotechTM fire resistant glass. In the event of Breakage, the panel will remain in place, with the Broken pieces held together by the interlayer. All ESG PyrotechTM glass is tested by With EN12600:2002 – achieving class 1 rating.

Certified Security with ESG PyrotechTM Secure Glass EN356, LPS1270 and EN1063

ESG is currently the only glass specialist in the UK to offer fire resistance combined with certified security glass as an option. ESG PyrotechTM can be combined with any of our security range of glass such as EN356 (Resistance to manual attack), LPS1270 (Intruder resistant glass) and EN1063 (Resistance against bullet attack) to provide a totally secure solution. By its nature of many interlayers, this glass range offers good sound attenuation.


ESG PyrotechTM Acoustic

Architects frequently specify a given level of sound attenuation performance. Using a unique combination of ESG PyrotechTM and special interlayers, ESG has created ESG PyrotechTM Acoustic, to provide a high dB performance with a thin panel.

The resulting reduction in weight makes ESG PyrotechTM Acoustic highly practical, cost effective and easier to handle for the client.

This reduction in the passage of sound is achieve without any compromise to the panel’s performance as a fire resistant safety glass.


ESG Switchable / LCD Privacy Glass

ESG Switchable is leading the way with our next generation range of LCD privacy glass and controllers. Using the best quality LCD film in the UK, capable of creating the largest switchable LCD panels in the country, our ESG Switchable panels are widely regarded as the best performing switchable privacy glass on the market.

ESG’s patented range of controllers are fully compatible with nearly all 3rd party commercial and home automation services(BMS). Our controllers ability to use both high (230v) and low voltage switching methods make integration into systems such as Lutron, Crestron and Nexia, an easy task. This compatibility allows ESG SwitchableTM LCD privacy glass to be controlled via the home screen of your automation system on your PC, Tablet or smart phone.


Advanced Features

- The largest size film on the market -1,800mm x 3,500mm

- High quality film with less haze

- Fader Control option available

- Electrical systems featuring discrete wiring and bus bars

- Can be combined with certified ESG fire resistant and security glass products, acoustic and decorative interlayers

- Can be incorporated in curved panels, cut into odd shapes oreven hole punched to accommodate specific display applications

- No distraction of shutters. Not susceptible to mechanical failure like powered shutters, curtains or blinds

Applications for ESG Switchable LCD Privacy Glass include:

- Showers and Wet Rooms

- Corporate Use

- Residential

- The ESG Aspire Sliding-Folding Door System

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