Company Background

Founded in 2001, Securepro aims to provide solutions enhancing business productivity of the world as well as security and comfort of human beings. During the past decade, Securepro has rapidly developed herself as one of the most active solution providers in IOT (Internet of Things) and Security.

We are a licensed security company with license no.0920 which is very rare among system providers. We have a strong Research and Development expertise specializing in providing innovative and customized solutions to Retail, NGO, Education institutes, Government and Business organizations.

SecurePro is the only Strategic Partner of GS1 Hong Kong for product authentication, emphasizing our devotion to provide solutions to our customers that are both revenue generating and brand building.

Securepro Group has won 7 awards in the last 4 years in the area of RFID and IOT in Hong Kong and China. We have our own patented technology integrating CCTV with RFID to create a solution that is more versatile and reliable, enhancing the RFID solution with a higher security and security solution with a more meaningful purpose of tracking and tracing the movement history and route of items and people. We have also developed the thinnest RFID antenna and the technology of indoor GPS for location tracking.

In 2014, Securepro further expanded her offering by adding a portfolio of IT solution and services, including but not limited to automation, data center, CRM, HRM, infrastructure and WiFi equipment.

We intend to offer our customers with a one-stop shop option for their easy administration and more efficient use of budget.