SecurePro is a licensed security system company integrating state of the art technologies with security system. We aim to pursue advanced technologies and to provide top services. We tailor made solutions for clients based on our expertise and experience. The "Step-up Integrated System" perfectly integrates 4 advanced technologies including Security, RFID technology, Automation which are interconnected and supported by I.T.

The "Step-up Integrated System" focus on coordination and efficiency enhancement. Our solutions serve both the individual and industrial sectors helping them become more secure as well as more competitive.

"Step-up Integrated System"

1. One-stop-shop of professional security system
CCTV, CCTV system, Burglary Alarm System (BAS), Security System, Access Control System, Fingerprint, Patrol System, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Attendance System and Car Parking Mgt, System etc.

2.SecurePro one of the winners of RFID Award for 5 consecutive years
SecurePro Patented RFID+CCTV technology, Assets Mgt. System, Warehouse Mgt. System, Retail Stock take System, RFID Automotive System and Baby Room Monitoring System etc.

3. Fully support from consultation to install and maintenance,
help you create your dream home with ease

Home Automation, Office Automation, Automation System replace or maintenance.

4. I.T. Solutions

Tailor made software solution supporting system, Data center, Website and Mobile Apps development etc.



1. 無需四出搜尋 一站式專業防盜系統服務
 保安系統、閉路電視 、金屬探測器、考勤系統、防盜警鐘系統、巡更系統、電子商品防盜系統、門禁系統、指紋拍卡系統及停車場出入管理系統等

2. 安寶集團 連續5年無線射頻識別科技 獎項得主
 安寶專利 RFID+CCTV技術系統、資產管理系統、倉庫管理系統、零售盤點系統、防老人遊走系統、轎車服務中心監控系統、醫療院舍嬰兒監察系統等


4. 資訊科技方案

Our Strategic Partners


ditno’s innovative technology delivers standardized security controls to hosts across any provider, platform and operating system at any scale, and eliminates the need for ‘heavy’ physical or virtual firewall appliances. Unlike other security systems, ditno offers a fluid and dynamic approach to security, allowing businesses to de-perimeterise their networks. -